Hannah Davis

Woman Crown & Glory England 2017

Hannah Davis is 26 years old and lives in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Happily married to Jamie

Davis in March 2016, they enjoy going on walks with their 6 month old Spingador called Skye,

going out for meals and having movie nights on the sofa. She currently works as an Architectural

Advisor Team Leader, advising on acoustics in various buildings.

In her spare time Hannah enjoys, playing netball and is currently working towards her umpiring



How did you get into the beauty pageants?


Hannah: I first started pageants after meeting Hannah, she was so passionate about them and explained that they are not all like the American ones you see on TV. I modelled briefly when I was younger, however I was not in the same shape as I used to be and my confidence had Shrunk. Hannah explained that pageants are about the Charity you are raising money for and how they are amazing at building confidence up in girls and women. She was not lying. She told me about Dean and then that was it, I had to sign up and help this little boy.


What did you do in the run up to the Woman England final?

Hannah: I did lots of preparation up to the England finals. I researched using various websites what I should be doing and got planning my appearances and fundraising. I decided to get fit and healthy. It was not about losing weight it was about feeling good about myself and I used social media to promote this to other women. To raise money for Dean I tried various different ways. I made Sweet Trees, held a Christmas raffle and ran bonus ball competitions. I also carried out other charity work, running collections for my local food bank. I appeared in my local paper before the pageant and also an online version on the paper.


How did you feel during Woman Crown & Glory England?

Hannah: On the day of the England finals I was so nervous, this was my first pageant and I didn’t know what to expect. My husband dropped me off in the morning and helped me carry all my stuff in but then I didn’t really know what to do. The other girls were so lovely and made me feel at ease, in particular Meg and Lyndsey. We all had such a laugh during the day.


In the evening before the show I could feel the adrenaline pumping the whole thing flew by, I was having so much fun. I met so many lovely women from all over the England and Wales and we all put each other the ease on the day, laughing and joking! I felt I had put everything into the fundraising and everything down to the outfits I'd chosen and my appearances!

How did you feel when your name was called as the winner?

Hannah: I couldn't quite believe it, I could not stop smiling with happiness and this feeling lasted for days after. I remember the crown being put on my head and I felt so proud, of everything I had done, I could not wait to tell all my family and friends, although my husband had beaten me to it and had text everyone before I even got off stage hahaha! I was up against some amazing Women and it was a very tough competition and I knew they all worked just as hard! My family were so proud of me and really happy! I cannot wait until nationals!!

Do you have any tips for the stage?

Hannah: Use the time during the day to practice one stage and what you think you would like to do with your walk. But most importantly be yourself and have fun. Don’t focus on winning, just focus on making the memories.

Any tips for preparing?

Hannah: As soon as you know that you’re accepted into the pageant, plan like mad. Plan appearances and fundraising opportunities and try to do something every weekend you are free.

You don’t want to leave it to last minute and then panic. Watch you tube videos for tips on improving your walk.

What are your ambitions and plans for the future?

Hannah: I am off to nationals in July and am so excited. I have achieved so much already, but would be ecstatic to win anything at nationals. I have the pageant bug and I am not ready for my journey to end yet.