Teen Crown & Glory United Kingdom 2015-2016 Josie Millward

Josie Millward is 17 years old and lives in Flintshire, North Wales who is currently studying a hairdressing qualifications in college which she hopes after taking a makeup course too I could go into styling and mobile hairdressing work.

In her spare time Josie enjoy's many things! Her number one passion is modelling, having worked for some many well known companies like Matalan, Helly Hanson and I have appeared in a BBC school series which she continues to this day modelling in different catalogues and exciting shoots.
Josies other hobbies are horse riding and looking after my pony who is called Chino (Cappucino), who she looks after everyday; she is her little baby!
Josie also enjoys going out and spending time with her friends and family.


John Downward photography at Cornel Bach Photography venue, north Wales. 

How did you get into the beauty pageants?


Josie: I first starting doing beauty pageants in February 2013, I originally got into them because of my modelling I saw Crown and Glory advertised in the newspaper and as I enjoy doing catwalks I thought it would be perfect thing for me to do. At first I was put off by the word 'pageant' as I thought as some people do about the American ones but as I spoke to Hannah and found more out, it couldn't be anything more different than the american ones and very charity based which i liked the sound of.


What did you do in the run up to the TEEN national final?


Josie: I did lots of preparation up to the UK finals, after winning the Clwyd Crown and Glory heat in October I was now Miss Teen Clwyd Crown and Glory so it was now time to start making appearances! I was continuing on to keep fit and healthy for the finals with my personal trainer Mili Shulter who owns the Fitcell Company in Mold. Also as I'd been fundraising the year before too I had lots of ideas and challenges for Dean and each time teaching people about his charity and his neuroblastoma cancer. I appeared in my local paper many times with different appearances and I was working with my sponsors, Buckley Slimming World and A-Z a Reclamation to open and launch new things and plans.


How did you feel during Teen Crown & Glory UK 2015?


Josie: On the day of the UK finals I was so nervous but also lots of adrenaline as I'd been waiting so long for the finals! This was my 3rd Crown and Glory UK final so I had so much determination to try win this year round but still enjoying myself! I met so many lovely girls from all over the UK and we all put each other the ease on the day, laughing and joking! I felt I had put everything into the fundraising and everything down to the outfits I'd chosen and my appearances!


How did you feel when your name was called as the winner?


Josie: I couldn't quite believe it, I remember just bursting out to tears and there is even a picture of my worst crying face with Caitlin putting the crown on my head hahaha! I just couldn't quite get my head around I'd finally won the title I'd dreamt of and worked so hard for, it just felt like a credit to me and I was so proud! I was up against some amazing girls and it was a very tough competition and I knew they all worked just as hard! My family were so proud of me and really happy!


Do you have any tips for the stage?


Josie: I've always told myself and anyone who's asked that my main tip is to stick to yourself, never try be someone you aren't because a true winner will win for who they are and not being someone else, also to enjoy your day! If you are so focused on winning you will not have any enjoyment out of the day and have no memories to look back on. Try attend training days to get your walk to a great standard. Always pose for 3-5 seconds for the judges to get a proper look at you and your outfits of stage. And especially for evening never rush your walk, evening round is for elegance and graceful take your time and do not rush.


Any tips for preparing?


Josie: number one tip is appearances, I feel that appearances are very important and can sometimes depend on who is the winner. In crown and glory it is 20 appearances for 10 points and I feel these are vital on the final day. Keep healthy and don't stress!


What are your ambitions and plans for the future?


Josie: I am yet undecided on which competition I will compete in next but either way I will still continue to promote Crown and Glory and Deans charity as I feel they're very close to heart, I wish the next winner an amazing year Like I have and to work extra hard

Winners shoot
Sky dive 2015
Agency LDN shoot
evening wear
Beauty queen world record
winning clwyd 2014
with my sister queens
Bolesworth Castle