Interview by a pageant mum

Lisa Smith mother of Brooke Smith - Junior Crown & Glory UK 2016

Lisa Smith is 32 years old from North Lanarkshire, who's 8 year old daughter was crowned "Junior Crown & Glory UK" in April 2016, as well as taking home the Junior Charity UK title for raising £3,041.50 for Dean Puplett and not forgetting the Publicity and best in interview side awards. 

Here is what Lisa has to say about being a pageant mum.


How did you get into the beauty pageants?


Lisa: A girl I worked with had been involved with pageantry and often showed my daughter photos while she was in my office. Like most little girls, Brooke loved to dress up and wear pretty dresses. While on holiday she asked her dad and I if she could take part in a pageant. We discussed this and thought if it helps her become more confident and outgoing then fine. When we got home I asked my friend from work and she advised that I entre Brooke in Crown & Glory. Entries has closed but my friend was very persuasive and Christina gave Brooke a chance. 


What did you do in the run up to the national finals?


Lisa: I asked Brooke what she wanted to aim for and got the answer ‘Everything’. So I sat with Brooke and with my help she decided how she was going to fundraise, how many appearances she was aiming for and how she wanted to make her appearance folder. Together we looked at thousands of gowns and shoes. We got advice from other beauty queens on the outfits before buying them to ensure they were age appropriate and suitable for a natural pageant. The fundraising was really good as Brooke had loads of ideas, some a little unrealistic but many worked well. These included, selling charity bands in school, a bag pack in Tesco, selling her old toys as a car boot sale and online photo competitions.


How did you feel during Crown & Glory UK 2016?


Lisa: I was a fine. I don’t do stress or panic! I don’t think it’s healthy for Brooke to see me like that. Plus stressing never helped anyone. I managed to keep myself together during the frantic quick changes.

However I did shed a tear when I met Jane, Tony and Dean. When my husband and I were talking to them about Dean and his diagnosis it really hit me, he is just a little boy, of a similar age to my little girl. Cancer really doesn’t care who you are and could affect anyone.  That family are made of stronger stuff than me! Dean is such a lovely little boy, so pleasant and well-mannered and I am truly honoured to have been able to help Brooke raise over £3000 in the run up to the UK Nationals and will continue to help that amazing family for as long as we can.


How did you feel when your daughted was called as the winner?


Lisa: I honestly could not believe it. Out whole table and all the others who made to journey down from Scotland were going nuts. Everyone was on their feet. I was meant to record the crowning instead I have the ceiling, floor and everything in between.


Any tips for preparing?


Lisa: Yep, ask those who have been there before you for advice. When Brooke wanted Miss Publicity I asked around and found that the Teen winner from 21015, Josie had that award and contacted her for any hints and tips.


What are your ambitions and plans for the future?


Lisa: I plan to carry on assisting Brooke in her efforts ahead of Face of the World and Europe in 2017 as well as fundraising for Dean and Headway.